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— Jukebox —
  • Background music #1
  • Background music #2
  • Mallow Hazard
  • Chris' Journey
  • Chilling Vastitude
  • Chaotic Intruders
  • Distracting Scent
  • Fervent Horizon
  • Galvanizing Quest
  • Invigorating Farm
  • Recalcitrant Waterflow
  • Spicy Gallant
  • Untroubled Morning
  • Chris' Journey
  • Stunned Chickens
  • Meanwhile
Gridz — Perspective plugin for Photoshop
Drawing objects in perspective in any orientations is not an easy task. Static grids feel restrictive. Objects typically aren't neatly aligned with an imaginary set of guide-lines. Instead they face all sorts of directions all the time. This plugin will create a perspective grid. But more importantly, it will then allow the user to rotate the grid as needed so that he or she can draw all the objects they need in their proper orientations. There is no guess-work involved. There is no need for a cumbersome 3D software either. Yet, the rotations will be as mathematically accurate as can be.
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Animation Demoreel
RIGS "Jin & Joe" courtesy of OnOne Animation School.
RIGS "Body mechanics Rigs" courtesy of Joe Daniels.
All fourths tuning — Improvisation
All fourths tuning is in many ways more of a standard tuning than Standard tuning is. Getting rid of the inconsistency between the G and B string makes the whole fretboard more logical. Using a regular tuning means that any chord, scale, or shape, can now be displaced along AND across strings while still retaining its sound. A same fingering will always produce the same interval. As a result, intuition develops faster on P4 tuning, and the mind-fingers connection happens quicker. P4 tuning is especially useful for improvisation. It opens up the fretboard both for single lines and chord improvisation. This book is my contribution to the internet knowledge library since resources are still few regarding the tuning.
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Protean, adjective :
    • 1. Tending or able to change frequently or easily.
      2. Able to do many different things; versatile.

  • Bonjour !
    I am currently employed as a 2D/3D graphic designer @visioglobe and am also open for any kind of comissions that I would be suited for, which ranges from Illustration [concept-art, book covers, game-art], to Music [score writing, guitar recording, sound design], covering Web-development[showcase sites, blogs, design] and 3D animation. At the old age of 27, I've consumed the last decade or so ballooning my chops up to this point with a bad habit of branching my skills out in all directions that I found interesting. Turns out, there are stupendous amounts of mesmerizing material desperate to be learned all over ! I couldn't resist. I have riddled out by now that I am a wiz' at spreading wide, for better or for worse. The way I see it, Arts are languages and each serves the same vocation : keenly felt communication. Thus, I am plotting to fuse my know-hows into a single voice that will undoubtedly be uniquely mine. Long road ahead, I would concur. In the meantime, it is also my desire to spend some spare time teaching, which is why I ushered the .blog website. I found didactics to be an excellent way to solidify one's learning all the while helping out a few folks on their own art pilgrimages. Oh. And I am a french guy born in Valence, whose schooling took place in Paris at école Estienne and who is currently based in Grenoble. In case you wondered. À la revoyure !

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